Cupcake Menu and Photo Gallery

Cupcakes are so much fun! 

Specialty Cupcakes: 
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  • Choco-Peanut Butter -Moist chocolate cake with peanut butter -butter cream frost and chocolate sprinkles
  • Chocolate Suicide -Moist, chocolate fudge cake with chocolate pieces baked in, frosted with  chocolate fudge frost and topped with chocolate drizzle and Hershey milk chocolate piece
  • Red Velvet -Moist red velvet cake with cream cheese or butter cream frost
  • Cookies and Cream -My moist white cake with Oreos baked in, topped with Oreo crumb butter cream
  • Choco-Mint-Mint Chocolate cake, with mint butter cream and chocolate shavings
  • Mint Chocolate Chip -Mint cake with chocolate chips, with mint butter cream, topped with mint chocolate shavings
  • Choco-Malt -Moist white cake topped with my light chocolate malt frost with malt ball topper
  • Choco-Vanilla- Half chocolate,  half white cake, topped with chocolate and vanilla frosting swirl.
  • Turtle -Dark chocolate cake with caramel topped butter cream and toasted pecans
  • French Vanilla--French vanilla cake, with my silky smooth Samantha's Icing  fill and frost
  • Strawberry Chocolate Kisses-- Strawberry cake with chocolate fudge frost, topped with a fresh strawberry and Hershey kiss. *seasonal
  • Carrot Pineapple Spice----My oh so moist and flavorful carrot pineapple cake with cream cheese or buttercream frost  *My best recipe!
  • Hostess Redo---Chocolate cake, my delicious cream fill, topped with chocolate ganache'
  • The Twinkie Cupcake---Moist yellow cake, with my delicious cream fill, topped with a dab of my sweet butter cream
  • Pink Lemonade---My angel soft vanilla cake(colored pink), topped with lemon infused butter cream  and lemon sugar sprinkles.
  • Lemon-Lime Cupcake---Moist lemon cake, topped with key-lime infused butter cream and lemon-lime zest.
  • Lovely Lemon:  Lemon cake topped with lemon infused butter cream and Pampered Chef Lemon Sprinkles
  • Sweet Raspberry White:  My moist white cake with raspberry fill, topped with my sweet buttercream frost
  • Sweet Raspberry Chocolate:  My moist chocolate cake with raspberry fill, topped with chocolate fudge frost
  • Sweet Strawberry White:  Moist white cake, strawberry fill with my sweet buttercream frost
  • Campfire Cupcake:  Graham cracker crust with my moist chocolate cake, marshmallow fill and milk chocolate topped
  • Gingerbread PralineMoist, sweet gingerbread, baked with pecan praline, topped with a dollop of cream cheese or buttercream frost
  • Hot Chocolate:  Rich chocolate cake, marshmallow fill and hot cocoa butter cream
  • Coffee Cocoa:  Cocoa coffee cake with mocha butter cream
  • Coconut Angel Wings:  My angel soft white cake, with rich butter cream and coconut angel wings.
  • Jamaica Love:  Yellow rum flavored cake, pineapple fill, rum flavored-lightly spiced buttercream, topped with coconut and a cherry
  • German Chocolate Coconut:  German chocolate cake, coconut pecan fill, buttercream frost topped with toasted coconut
  • Choco-Cherry:  Chocolate cake, cherry fill, topped with chocolate fudge frost
  • The Boston:  Yellow cake, vanilla pudding fill, topped in chocolate glaze
  • Flavor Swirl Cupcakes: *New ~ Choco-Vanilla, Lovely Lemon Swirl, Orange Creamsicle, Cotton Candy Swirl, Strawberry Swirl
Fall-Time Favorites~
  • Caramel Crumb Apple Pie:   Moist white cake with apple pie fill, pie crumbs baked in, topped with butter cream frost and caramel drizzle.
  • Pumpkin Spice:  Pumpkin spice cake with spiced butter cream.
  • Cherry Crumb Pie:  White cake with cherry pie fill, pie crumbs baked in, topped with butter cream frost and a cherry on top.
  • Butter Pecan:  White with finely chopped pecans, topped with butter cream frost and chopped buttery pecans.
  • Gingerbread:   Rich gingerbread cake with spiced butter cream frost.
  • Gingerbread Praline:  Rich gingerbread cake with pecan praline baked on top, topped with cream cheese frost


Gingerbread Praline

Turtle Cupcake

Lovely Lemon Swirl

Pumpkin Spice Pumpkin Tops

Custom Decorated Cupcakes

Giant Cupcake in Purple and White

Purple and White Bridal Shower Cupcakes

Art Theme Cupcakes

Minnie Mouse Cupcake

Elmo Cupcakes
Moon and Stars Cupcakes

Butter Cream Rose Cupcakes

Butter Cream Rose Cupcakes

Daisy Cupcakes

Spring Flower Cupcakes

Milkshake Cupcakes

Animal Print Cupcakes in Neon Colors

Cowgirl Cupcakes

T.M.N.T. Cupcakes

Toy Story Cupcakes

Star Wars Cupcakes
 Football Cupcakes

Baseball Cupcakes
Bowling Ball Cupcakes

Tie Dyed Cupcakes

Turkey Cupcakes

Ocean Wave Cupcakes

Mickey Cupcakes
Cookies and Milk Cupcakes

Super Hero Cupcakes
Monster's Inc. Cupcakes

Super Hero Cupcakes ~ Pow!
Owl Cupcakes

Pink Diva Cupcakes

Daisy Cupcakes

Wedding Cupcakes

Carrot Top Cupcakes

Sea Critter Cupcakes

 Frankenstein Cupcakes
Fondant Toppers

Frankenstein Cupcakes

Sparkly Ghosts

Cupcakes for Corporate Events

Basket Ball Cupcakes

Cupcakes with Bling

Meatball Cupcakes
Lady Bug on a Leaf Cupcakes

Safari Cupcakes
2nd Place Winner at The Good Taste Pittsburgh Sweet Treat Challenge, 2009!

Yes, these are cupcakes!

Cupcake Displays
by Samantha's Sweets

Fall Wedding Cupcake Display

Rustic Wedding Cupcake Display
The cupcake stands were made by the groom-Josh Dunmeyer

Samantha's Sweets Winter Wedding Shoot

Butterfly Cupcake

Sweet 16 Cake and Cupcake Display

Cupcakes with daisies

Garden Cupcakes

Pull Apart Cupcake Cakes...
Bridal Dress Cupcake Cake

Welcome to Gingerbread Land

Stingray Pull-Apart Cupcake Cake
Stingray Cupcake Cake
Rainbow Cupcake Cake

Horse Cupcake Cake

Owl Cupcake Cake ~ Hippie Chick

Race Track Cupcake Cake

Panda Cupcake Cake

 Cupcake Displays

Zebra and Hot Pink Wedding Cupcake Display

Leopard Print and Neon Green/Blue Cupcake Display

Purple and White Bridal Shower Cupcake Display