Aug 13, 2012

Bird's Party Magazine!

Photo by Jenny Dixon
This is Jenny's fab table ~ Roller Skate theme with oh-so-cute printables available on
Her work is AMAZING and she asked lil' ol' me to be her dessert vendor!
What an honor to be a party of such a cute party ; )
Full party pics available on
Stop on over to to view the Fall Edition - Issue 6!

Jenny Dixon from has created an amazing Roller Skate party featuring Bird's Party printables ~Retro Roller Skating Party! 

Jenny graciously invited me to contribute the desserts! 

So check out pages 19-24, to see the sweet treats I created for the party! 
  • The Cake!  --Collaborative effort by myself, for the beautiful sugar flowers, for the super cute sugar roller skates and no. 7 and styled by Jenny Dixon herself.  I layered the inside of the cake with colors to match the theme!
  • Marshmallow Pops to match the Bird's Party printables
  • Balloon Cake Pops
  • Strawberry Cupcakes with tube sock style frosting --Jenny placed the cake pop in the cupcakes ~SUPER cute idea!

Here are the desserts that I had the honor of making!!!
Photo by Jenny Dixon
Here is the CAKE!  I made the two tier cake with ric-rac design--fondant.
Love and Sugar Kisses made the adorable flowers!
Edible Details made the awesome no. 7 and super cute roller skates!
Jenny styled the cake---adding the flowers and edible toppers.
~A collaborative effort that I was so very proud to be a part of!
I love working with other cake decorators and party planners---especially ones as talented
as these ladies!
Photo by Jenny Dixon
I made the inside of the cake to match the party theme colors!
The flavors are red velvet, strawberry and well...  blue vanilla---blueberry just wouldn't have worked. ; )
I think this is a great party surprise!
When I make a cake for a party like this, I LOVE matching the colors to the theme!  It is a great little touch to add to the fun elements of any themed party! 
This fall I will be making a few of these surprise cake insides so check back for pics!
Photo by Jenny Dixon
My balloon cake pops in my strawberry cupcakes-decorated with tube sock style frosting.
It was Jenny's idea to put the cake pop in the cupcake---genius!!!
Photo and styling by Jenny Dixon
These are cupcake marshmallow pops I made to match the Bird's Party printables!
Printables will be available on
I used Wilton candy melts and fondant accents--with a little edible shimmer dust!
Shimmer dust and other great cake decorating supplies available on
See all the AMAZING party pictures on

Balloon Cake Pops!