Jan 10, 2013

Valentine's Day Menu

Angel's Wings Cupcake
It's the time of year for extra SWEET LOVE!
     It will soon be Valentine's Day!

Instead of the traditional box of chocolates,
    why not try a Samantha's Sweets
                              Cupcake Sampler!

~A collection of my super sweet specialty cupcakes, hand picked for the Valentine holiday!

~One dozen delicious specialty cupcakes!
$25.00 ~boxed with a cute lil' tag
#2 Chocolate Suicide
#2 Strawberry Chocolate Kisses
#2 Red Velvet
#2 Sweet Raspberry White
#2 French Vanilla
#2 Coconut Angel Wings *New

If you would like some #4 Valentine's fondant toppers added to the order, it is an additional $6.00

Valentine Fondant Cake Caps
#4 for an extra $6.00 to decorate your Cupcake Sampler

Call 724-433-8951 to order!
All orders for Cupcake Samplers must be in by Feb. 10th
Classroom Treats:
Heart Shaped Marshmallow Pops!
Wrapped and tagged
just .75 cents each
Super cute!


Heart Shaped Decorated Cookies
          Wrapped and tagged
                 just $1.00 each
Conversation Heart Cookies ~ Sugar Cookies with Candy Melts and cute sayings like...
*Be Mine
*U R A Q T
*Call Me Maybe
*Sweet Love

Mini Heart Shaped Sugar Cookies
       #5 in a bag ~ wrapped and tagged
             just $1.00 each
Cute lil' tags...
Cookie Bouquets!!!
#5 Heart shaped cookies
with special messages
and adorably delicious designs!
Wrapped with pretty decoration!
Special and custom!
Call for more information!
You can customize the cookies with loving messages for your sweet heart!
Chocolate Covered Strawberries!!!
A dozen delicious strawberries with...
*Chocolate Praline
*Chocolate Coconut
*Chocolate with Sprinkles
10 for $25.00 packed in a box with custom tag.
Specialty Cakes from Samantha's Sweets
always make a nice gift as well.
Boxed with a bow and tag
 Check the "Cake Menu & Price It" page for
information on Specialty Cakes and prices.
As always...
Sweet Love!