Sep 25, 2014

Finally opened
my Etsy shop!

Sam's Sweet Art
Samantha's Sweets

    I'm so very excited to show you what I have been working on!  I have been a successful Cake Artist and Sweet Stylist for over 9 years and an ARTIST all my life.  So I figured I would sculpt some wedding cake toppers out of clay, rather than fondant...  and Sam's Sweet Art was born.

     Each of my pieces are numbered, signed, and totally unique!
I have listed some very cool toppers and many more are on the way.  I'm happy to share my sweet art with not PA residents, but now the whole U.S.A.! 

     I will also be shipping my super adorable and delicious decorated cookies.  These make great favors for your parties, and everyone will ask where you got them. 

My original collections include:
  • Rustically Sweet
  • Sweet Love
  • Beach Love
  • The Decorated Cookie
  • Sweet Party Supplies
If you love ordering wonderfully handmade items on Etsy, give my shop a look!