Jan 8, 2015

Sweet Jewelry by Sam's Sweet Art

The next big thing is here!
Introducing Sweet Jewelry by Sam's Sweet Art!
         Etsy or sold locally from me ~ Samantha's Sweets! 

Custom sweet earrings(fishhook and posts,)rings, sweet hair accessories...

Smiley Food ~From Pickles to Burgers and MORE! 
Lolli Pops
Cake Slices
Bouncy Balls
And more!

Carnival Collection
Salty Collection
Sweet Shoppe Collection

Email me to set up your order now
Etsy ordering now available


Cookies and Milk Earrings

Bouncy Ball Earrings...

Carnival Collection Earrings...

Salty Collection ~ Fast Food Earrings...

Sweet Shoppe Collection Earrings...

Sweet Rings...

Lollipop Ring

Lollipop Ring with Matching Earrings
Cake Rings

All available at Samantha's Sweets or on my Etsy!